Who is T.HiLL?

With undeniable vocal talent and fine-tuned production served straight up, T.Hill is an artist that any R&B / soul music enthusiast will thoroughly enjoy. The success of his latest awarding-winning work has not gone unnoticed by the critics, with one recently writing: ‘They Can't Handle It’ deftly puts a first-rate tenor and rap talents and gorgeous beat into smooth conjunction, and the result is one of the best R&B soul jams of the year.’ Yet there’s something special about T.Hill that sets him apart from other R&B / soul acts. In a musical generation characterized by manufactured pop acts, T.Hill's originality and sincerity do more than stand out. They reveal qualities that cannot be engineered in the studio. There’s also an unpretentious realness to this artist out of Chicago, IL and judging by his growing fan base, he may be precisely what the new generation didn't know it was missing. Get to know this exciting new artist & get an inside look at what he has in store for fans this year & beyond.